Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For Hotels Owned By YK Hyper One

  • Hotel Coconuts Resort and Hotel Seven Seas, each a “Hotel” and are owned by YK Hyper One and abides by the law which is promulgated in Japan for the protection of personal information.
  • The Hotel has created a compliance program based on the Requirements on Compliance Program Regarding Protection of Personal Information (JIS Q15001) and enforces it when acquiring, using and providing personal information.
  • Preventative measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access, loss, destruction, falsification or the leak of personal information.
  • Any personal information collected will be used only within the limit of purposes prescribed in the Privacy Policy of the Hotel.
  • The Compliance Program of the Hotel is constantly be reviewed and improved.

By YK Hyper One

The Hotel publishes these guidelines on how the Hotel handles personal information that is collected through a guest’s interaction with the Hotel.

The Hotel may acquire, use and maintain, through this website or otherwise, personal information on individuals such as users, guests, members and others that can identify a specific individual or such information can be used to reconcile it with other information and identify a specific individual by that information (“Personal Information”). The handling of such information is governed by the Personal Information Protection Law that is promulgated in Japan.

I. Protection and Safe Storage of Personal Information

  • The Hotel shall abide by the  Personal Information Protection Law.
  • The Hotel protects personal information through the appointment of a Personal Information safety manager who oversees the processes to maintain the integrity of the storage system. Also, Improvements over the system and operation within the Hotel will be planned as well as executing inspection regarding Personal Information protection by selecting Personal Information inspection manager.
  • The Hotel provides in-house and others rules over Personal Information, and has its employees thoroughly protect Personal Information and training.
  • The Hotel is always very serious about possible risks such as injustice access, leakage, loss or damages over Personal Information it holds, so that it sets up personal and physical safety management measures.
  • The Hotel continually improves this Privacy Policy, in-house rules over Personal Information protection and their operation depending on the amendments of laws, social changes and audit results.

II. Treatment of Personal Information

  • Purpose of use of acquiring Personal Information

    The Hotel may acquire Personal Information such as names, telephone numbers, email addresses. It is used for the following purposes:

  1. To ask for comments on Hotel’s events and services.
  2. To send mail magazines to inform of the Hotel’s events and services.
  • Provisions to third parties

    Hotel shall not, without the consent of the customer in advance, provide any customer’s personal data to any third party, except for the following cases stated from (a) to (d) below. Also, personal information which does not fall in “personal data” will be treated as close to personal data as possible.

  1. When Personal Information is required based on legal requirements.
  2. When it is required to protect lives, bodies and properties of people and that it is hard to obtain consent of the concerning customer.
  3. When it is required for the improvements of public hygiene and promotions for healthy development of children, and that it is hard to obtain consent of the concerning customer.
  4. When it is required to cooperate with national organizations or local public institutions or someone who is consigned from them in performing administrative works prescribed by laws, and obstacles may be created for performing the job by obtaining consent of the concerning customer may become obstacles

III. Holding Personal Data

  • Names, Telephone numbers
    To use for a. of 1) Purpose of use of acquiring Personal Information
  • Mail Addresses
    To use for b. of 1) Purpose of use of acquiring Personal Information
  • Procedures of disclosure

    Anyone who may want to disclose, correct and stop the use of Personal Data that the Hotel holds needs to mail the request to the following address together with materials which are required to identify the requesting person. We will do necessary investigation without delay from perspective of preventing information leakage and securing accuracy and we will take necessary actions only when it is confirmed that the request have been made by the relevant person.

  • Contact for Inquiries and Claims

    Questions and claims regarding Personal Information should be directed to the Directors, YK Hyper One at the following address:

YK Hyper One

〒 311-1312 Higashi-gun,

Oarai-machi Kamiyama 1320

Tel: 03-4496-4218

Limitation on Liability

The Hotel shall not take any responsibilities for any damages that result from the use of any information from our website or any other websites that is linked to the Hotel website.

Governing Laws

Our website is accessible from countries with different laws, however, both users of this website and the Hotel shall agree that they are subject to laws of Japan when using the Hotel’s website.