Seven Seas Membership Rewards Program

Or call the Front Desk for more information and to register to be a Seven Seas Reward Member

Enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the Seven Seas Resort Rewards Program. Every time you stay with us you will enjoy additional discounts and exclusive services.

Check back here regularly to see the latest developments in the Seven Seas Resort Rewards Program and all the additional benefits it will bring you — before you know it you will be a VIP at Seven Seas!

Weekday Welcome Beer

Receive 2 FREE beers when you stay overnight, excluding Saturday night. Simply mention the promotion code “#WebSite2.0” when you check in.

Friday Lunch de Hotel

Check in before 15:00 on Friday and receive two free items from our Room Service menu (not with short time). Just mention the promotion code “#TGIF” at check-in.

Ladies Party Special – Joshi-Kai Special

When three or more ladies check in together, each will receive one drink free. Just mention the promotion code “3ISAPARTY” at check in.